False Arrest: It happened to me.

by DGR 20181207 Call to U-Haul – Ashley in NC, USA provided the following info today – status: currently unresolved – assigned to marketing company president today, John Fisher – 800-263-4809, 905-578-9119 – 1-800-468-4285, General Number 905-730-8796, Lucy, U-Haul, or 905-573-6006, office U-haul_arrest_incident At approximately 10:30am Wednesday January 2, 2018 – driving U-Haul 10ft truckContinue Reading

Judy and the Plane

by .ed Judy took orders on the phone all night Resting between the pixels on her screen Jane held her lunch in a bag upside down Shaking out the change that had to be there Larry fell to flu and worshipped at the cure Checking his words carefully translated by doctors Terry took no forContinue Reading

Around The Corner

by .ed Last veteran of his WW2 battle group walking alone in the Victory Day Parade Death is just around the corner I go out the door and step in a dog pee. It happens. I walk around the corner into construction traffic, wait for a crane to rumble by. I head out on myContinue Reading