Clarity on Q

Clarity on Q 

Q is a counter-PsyOp strategy that’s working against threats to National Security.  

Study PsyOps and evaluate Q tenets. Q is not meant to influence any particular narrative, it is meant to psychologically counter narrative influence, cognitively trigger agility, and leverage a psychological posture. The result: QUESTIONS: motivation for detailed research, or investigation. 

“Those who have something to hide are most threatened by the truth.” 

Why is it labeled a “threat?” 

The corrupt geopolitical conglomerates, government “institutions” and certain Officials are seriously threatened by Q for more than one reason. 

1. It is subverting their Narrative Warfare strategy and objectives in multiple ways 

2. It is helping millions of normal people (Patriots) as well as those Patriots in Government, the IC, US Military, Fed law enforcement, and critical Industry positions do a really important thing: Identify traitors and corruption from within America and internationally. 

Not all officials, government institutions or major corporations are threatened by Q. 

In fact, not all IC officials, Intelligence professionals, career Military professionals or federal law enforcement professionals are threatened by Q either. 

The efficacy of Q: 

Countering corrupt narrative warfare influence against YOU, by causing you to stop, question & think, and giving you a reason to investigate. 

The People needed a reason to question the control of corrupt and deceitful authority. 

A strange digital phenomenon/ anomaly makes people ask themselves lots of questions and  is worth investigating. 

Creating a reason for you to justify opting for online research over that TV show you’re hooked on and binge watching after a long day at work ->which inevitably led to startling discoveries and uncanny connections -> connections which opposed a strongly established narrative you believed was true – your mind essentially went, WTF is this!? GTFO! <or maybe you’re a cool guy and thought, “interesting, must know more”> but either way, you became motivated to find out, to learn and investigate further. 

So much so, that thousands became OSINT experts to investigate facts and determine the truth based on extensive research that was not “Google” approved. 

Deep research ultimately leads you to different historical and more-accurate information (normally buried by Tech oligarchy or purposefully not taught/discussed in globally funded academic institutions intended to educate the masses) you learn to filter for factual information over Big Tech AI “recommended” information, and attain a higher level of self-education. 

This practice is of self-education in the Information Age, when a goldmine of knowledge exists online if you care enough to learn, and decide to filter information differently than Big Tech AI traditionally does FOR you, 

will ultimately increase your knowledge, awareness and sense of judgement on the reality of the status quo. 

This improves decision-making faculties regarding true-false- ambiguous information, ie: the meaning of many things (ideas, politics, people, laws, events etc) based on your own judgement – and not that of traditional “authorities” like Facebook, Google, Government Officials or other “Leaders.” 

The Oligarchy (corrupt conglomerate) has been influencing belief and choices through public education policy and Information Operations (which encompasses Narrative Warfare, Public Affairs, Public Diplomacy, PsyOps etc) for years.

This is the mass-scale publishing of biased meanings regarding facts on huge platforms, publications, news sources, establishing media “authority” – all for the purpose of perpetuating group-think and forced normalization of psychological beliefs to support their ideas – which actually strip freedom, power and finances away from you. 

Q is not the enemy here folks, not by a long shot.

~~~ copied and pasted, author unkown

MORE Q stuff

>7 Gorillion Q proofs – ALL FOR A LARP

>MSM wrote 5000 hit pieces on Q, 2nd most targeted after Trump himself – ALL FOR A LARP

>Q correctly predicted Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, Ghislane Maxwell- ALL FOR A LARP

>Social Media companies mass ban Q accounts many times- ALL FOR A LARP

>Celebrities demand that we all be put in re-education camps and are in absolute hysteria- ALL FOR A LARP

>Congress calls us Domestic Terrorists and even held a congressional session to gaslight and attempt to prosecute 8chan owners- ALL FOR A LARP

>Congress currently trying to take out MTG/Q supporter- ALL FOR A LARP

>Congress trying to impeach Trump AFTER they already won- ALL FOR A LARP

>Elite pedophile rings being busted and owners arrested DAILY- ALL FOR A LARP

>Elite DC pedophile ring owner just busted, ANTI TRUMP GOP SENIOR STAFFER- ALL FOR A LARP

>Hillary herself now talking openly about QAnon- ALL FOR A LARP

>Myanmar Military just overthrew their governemnt, claiming election fraud, held their illegitmately elected leaders in detention inside government buildings, and are holding new elections that they will safeguard…just like Q said would happen here- ALL FOR A LARP

>thousands of military are still guarding DC, to protect the capitol from “domestic terrorists” during the inauguration, which is FENCED IN, 19 days AFTER the inaugration- ALL FOR A LARP

>ANTIFA/BLM dressing up as a MAGA to try and frame the movement through gaslighting False Flags- ALL FOR A LARP

>Biden’s signature doesn’t match, Oval Office doesn’t match, Military Twitter accounts Army, Navy, Marines, Airforce, National Guard, FEMA, and NSA don’t follow Biden on twitter, Michael Flynn’s brother is the commander of the Pacific Fleet, Biden flying on a smaller AF1 with tail sign 90017 (adds to 17 with a 17), and military not “leaving” UNTIL MARCH- ALL FOR A LARP


In the last American Revolution, people willingly gave their lives, lost family, lost their assets/homes/money, lost everything, just to secure this nation and our God given freedoms away from tryanny and oppression. 

TODAY we are facing the very same threat of slavery and destitution, from the greatest evil this world has ever known, and people have the gall to complain about it being uncomfortable, not how they wanted it done, or not being done fast enough…….

~author unknown