Awake in Fraudland

author unknown

When & how i woke up to the following constructive frauds…

 tell me your story below… I woke up to the fraud of:

1. ‘govt’ when i found out they are all UCC corporations, like Burger King 

2. ‘municipal govt’ when i read the UN Municipal Primer, implementing Agenda 21 locally & when i ran for Kincardine council 2014

3. drivers license & insurance when seat belts became ‘law’ & i was told i was driving ‘Regina’s’ car, not mine 

(contractual conversion of ‘right’ to ‘privilege’)

4. ‘justice system’ when i learned about the BAR, LEGAL PERSON & my birth certificate

5. msm ‘NEWS’ when BBC got caught lying about 911 

= complicit in terrorism & propaganda

(also lately confirmed when i’ve been at rallies with thousands of people, but nothing on the news)

6. ‘central banking system’ when 

a) i read ‘The Creature from Jekyll Island’

b) when TDCanada Trust couldn’t produce the original mortgage agreement or Proof of Loan but slammed through a foreclosure on our home nonetheless

7. ‘income tax’ when i found out what ‘income’ meant & what the SIN/SSN is

8. ‘cancer’ industry researching The Cancer Act 1939, RSO & alkaline diets

9. why ‘cannabis’ became ‘illegal’ researching Anslinger & Hearst

10. ‘medicine’ researching Rockefeller, The Bureau of Chemistry & natural cures

11. ‘law enforcement’ when i got arrested & my govt ID was more important than me

12. ‘religion’ when i found out churches were registered & don’t give a shit about the homeless, especially NOW & in winter

13. ‘education’ when i found out about Nikola Tesla but also when i realized knowing how to fix a roof, do basic plumbing or car repair is more useful than knowing the Pythagorean Theorem 

14. ‘GMO’ insanity from my sister who was a biochemist in the field when it began 

15. ‘man-made climate change’ when i researched GHGs, IPCC, Dr. Tim Ball, geoengineering & weather modification legislation in Canada

16. ‘covid’ by reading WEF, Agenda 2030, Event 201, Gates Foundation, Fauci’s history & whistleblowers

17. ‘energy & power ‘ when i found out about the pyramids’ construction, magnetism & fuel cell technology

18. ‘moon’ landing by Eric Dollard who says the moon is also a light source, not terra ferma, impossible to land on, (plus watching ‘A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon’) 

19. ‘space travel’ researching NASA, Operation Fishbowl & the firmament, and finally

20. ‘war’… by researching Rothschild, 1929, Hitler & Germany. 

all wars are bankers wars imho. 

God bless the innocent men & women who were used as cannon fodder – may no more be sacrificed in your honour.

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