License to Drive?

author unknown

Judge: Do you understand, you are being charged with driving without insurance and registration?
One’s answer could be ;
“I understand, that I hold inherent right to unrestricted and unregulated freedom of movement (travel), being without the requirement to hold insurance and registration… and do with good conscience and honour, act with full liability for any damage i may cause to another and/or their property.
Whatsmore, driving, that requires insurance and registration, is defined as transporting persons or property for personal gain or profit in commerce, hence, without an allegation backed by physical evidence, that I had a paying passenger and/or cargo. The charge of driving is an unsubstantiated presumption, made by a creature of statute operating under Colour-of-Law And holding a misinterpretation of the English definition for the word ‘traveling’.
Would the prosecution, like to present any physical evidence, that shows i was in fact and substance, transporting persons and/or property for personal gain or profit in commerce?
Then, it is my will, that this case/motion be dismissed for lack of subject-matter and evidence.”

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