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Mandino was one of the most well-known personal development writers and speakers of the 20th century. He was a WWII Army Air Corp bombardier who flew 30 bombing missions (piloted by the later-movie-star Jimmy Stewart) over Nazi Germany to defeat the Naz_is – which Trump & the White Hats were now having to do 75 years later. Our guy recommended that we listen to Og Mandino’s words on patience in the face of adversaries and adversity as below: 

“Patience is bitter, but it’s fruit is sweet. With patience you can bear up under any adversity and survive any defeat. With patience you can control your destiny and have what you will. Patience is the key to contentment, for you and for those who must live with you. To be brave without patience can kill you. To be ambitious without patience can destroy the most promising of careers. Patience is power. Employ it to stiffen your spirit, sweeten your temper, stifle your anger, bury your envy, subdue your pride, bridle your tongue, restrain your hands, and deliver you whole, in due time, to the life you deserve.”

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