I Do Not Consent

author unknown  (ed. I did not write this, but it is definitely in line with my own views. the photo says I will keep my beliefs no matter what you say, thank you.)

You do not have to unfollow or unfriend me if you have a different perspective than I do. We are all adults here and can remain respectful when we address each other. At the end of the day, everyone wants to be healthy and happy, so we all have the same goal in mind, but we may disagree on how to achieve it.
“I am concerned that people are being labelled conspiracy theorists simply because they question certain government, corporate and industrial motives or because I question the arbitrary laws that revoke my basic human rights.
I do not consent to the extreme censorship that is taking place on social media platforms toward doctors, scientists, political scientists and activists who uphold data about a possible differing outcome than the media would have us believe. This concerns me far more than the virus.
I do not consent to the tracking and tracing of Canadian citizens, or any citizens for that matter. (And if we can easily track law abiding citizens, then why haven’t we made pedophiles and dangerous criminals a priority for this technology!?)
I do not consent to any party or leader who makes decisions without the democratic process of a vote in Parliament.
I do not consent to limiting free speech under the guise of protecting Canadians from the spread of misinformation.
I do not consent to closing down our wild spaces when the weed store, the liquor store, and the dollar store are deemed essential. There is absolutely nothing more essential on this Earth than Earth itself.
I do not consent to the closing of small businesses while multi-million dollar companies remain open.
I do not consent to being prevented from freely travelling while the politicians who impose these laws break them to visit their cottages or fly across borders.
I do not consent to being told that all these decisions are for my safety and convicted criminals are simultaneously released from prison for their own “protection.”
I do not consent to violating the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms which states that my body (and the body of my child) is sovereign, and that no medical procedure can be mandated.
I do not consent to the label ‘anti-vaxxer’ simply because I have concerns about MANDATORY, enforced vaccines or medical procedures – especially high risk ones with limited testing.
I do not consent to the amount of division and hatred that so many have fallen into between your fellow man, simply for upholding opposing beliefs, or for speaking openly about what THEY believe. A gentle reminder that: You don’t have to be unkind to someone just because you disagree with them, or because you lead a different lifestyle than them. United we stand, divided we fall.
I do not consent to the idea that pharmaceutical companies are the ONLY way to prevent or heal from illness, and the outright dismissal of this side of the conversation is highly questionable from my perspective.
I do not consent to the media only covering the death count when the survival rate is immensely higher! Fear cripples immunity. Why aren’t we talking about our success!
Here’s what I DO consent to:
Being a free and critical thinker, a mother who is protecting the future of her and all children’s futures, an individual who cares about tomorrow, an environmentalist who understands the connection between the state of our planet’s health and our own.”

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