Judy and the Plane

by .ed

Judy took orders on the phone all night
Resting between the pixels on her screen
Jane held her lunch in a bag upside down
Shaking out the change that had to be there

Larry fell to flu and worshipped at the cure
Checking his words carefully translated by doctors
Terry took no for an answer and went to find God
Last thing she remembered was a call

Drama time is no time
A role in your movie
Tragedy is no one’s joke
Comedy covers the sins
That’s where this story begins

Judy left her seat on her way
To the cooler in the kitchen for a snack
She was kind of warm in a loosely fit knit
Her Ritalin kicked in as the floor began to shake

Jane held her cup as her desk began to move
The thought of spilled coffee made her jump too soon
It wasn’t long before the lights blinked off
But not before Jane lay sobbing on the floor

Drama time is lost time
With a role to play
Inserting your condition
Attracting things your way
That’s where this one goes astray

Larry washed the dishes every night at home
His fingers felt like shaving cuts
This climate change thing had begun to stink
One thing after another started to sink

Terry touched her fevered lips, blistered from the sun
She consoled herself with donuts and cold drinks and fun
But that night in the office, when the fire suely came
Terry made it out alive but she was not the same

Drama is time in reverse
Considering the could haves
Reconsidering the cant’s
Trying best to be precise
And wear your bigger pants

Judy jumped the window from the 17th floor
Jane choked her coffee when the plane came through the door
Larry broke a plate and gouged it through his radial
Terry lived to tell her story by believing in a miracle

Judy was reborn as a fading 4-leaf clover
Jane e-lived off planet in a made for off-road rover
Larry felt reality fleeting through his limbo
Terry had three books and lived off her royalty
“How I Lived A Miracle: As Others Died Around Me”

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