Around The Corner

by .ed

Last veteran of his WW2 battle group walking alone in the Victory Day Parade

Death is just around the corner

I go out the door and step in a dog pee. It happens. I walk around the corner into construction traffic, wait for a crane to rumble by. I head out on my walk and under a tree I avoid a small swarm of tough looking bees. At the park I take a drink from the well and look at the blue green algae in the pond. Walking down the road there’s some dried fingers of goose poop lifting into the air around me. Bi-polar Canada Geese and Swans take stock of my shoelaces. I give them space and run smack into a kid’s dirty diaper on the burnt grass. I put the diaper in the trash with a plastic bag and get a mosquito bite on the thumb. West Nile? The unseen reapers are in plain sight as sure as the common cold. Covid is only what happens when you could be having a life. It happens.

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