Spells of the Old – Spell Fear

by BaShemYashua

Spells of the old are real – and they’re here today.

A mask was never about your safety, it was about your conformity and your compliance.

It was designed to celebrate fear, put you under muzzle, and groom you for mandatory vaccines, contact tracing, and microchipping.
No science anywhere supports the general population of healthy people wearing a mask, so why is it being pushed?

The general populace has a spell of FEAR cast over them – and it’s taken hold hard.

These spells of fear make people forgo any logic and rationality -and instead clamor to be part of the herd that is under the trance cast by the media and other dark magicians.

It is intended to make logical, rational, and thinking people seem dangerous – which indeed, they are. But not because of a virus – but because of their immunity TO the virus known as FEAR.

They weave their spells of fear into every second of media footage they can. Those that have fallen prey to the spell will be celebrated and lifted up – so they can continue to infect others who have not yet succumb to the dark pressure.

Those with intact spiritual immune systems (which is becoming greater by the minute) – will have instantly recognized the “scarlet letter” they are having thrust upon them by not following through with the demands of the dark masters.

But fear not – the population is waking up, and the pressure must continue against their spells.

Logic, rationality, and most of all – FAITH will help shake the foundations of tyranny and oppression.

We can’t blame any ONE person – because this is an issue of a spiritual infection that Humanity has as a whole, and that we must come together to purge.

Let your “NO” be firm but polite – because those still under the spell are running on “Mr Smith Programs” that have been installed to respond to fear, to find anyone climbing the ladder of sanity and rip them down, and celebrate the defeat they themselves helped to usher in.

But there are many who are strong – who see past the lies and the dark spells and reject them.

Humanity is piece by piece – beginning to put on the Armor of God and rejecting the programming.

It will be difficult for those not yet aware to see the spells and illusions cast before them – so do your best to break the spell, but love the person.

The Resurrection is at hand – and it will be all of us that join in our own Resurrections, as we cast off the shackles of tyranny, fear, and oppressive ignorance that lies in each of our subconsciouses.

There will resistance as the sleeping are roused from their slumber, and their alarm clocks are that of Cold, Hard, Truth that shall wretch them from their waking nightmares – and they will kick and scream for their dark masters to take away others sanity and freedom, but their cries are beginning to be drown out by the sound of The One that is waking in all of us.

Yes, we’re all in this together – but that doesn’t mean you need to conform to insanity.

Lift your fires high – and call to those still in the pits.

Ask them if they are ready to be masters of their own Destiny – or if they prefer their chains of gold they’ve slipped over their own necks.

Only ourselves will be able to remove the chains of oppression and ignorance – because no one can force them off you, these are chains of slavery that have been voluntarily donned.

But as more and more slip the chokers from their necks and the muzzles from their face – others too shall find the courage to stand for what’s right, and use logic and reason to dictate their responses more and more as the Light shines upon the Dark.

Do not despair for what you find in the dark once the light has been flipped on – it simply means there’s a mess to clean up that has been ignored in our collective and personal consciousness.

We all get there – when we all get there.

Once you’ve climbed out of the pit – throw a rope and a voice of encouragement to those still trapped within the Sheol.


Thank you Adam for this insight.

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