A Woman’s Soul

author unknown

She looked in the mirror, then she looked at him, he was sitting in bed, she asked him, do you still love me?

He answered, like on the first day.

Did you notice that my body is no longer the same as when we met?
He answered. No, not at all.

She put her hands on her belly and asked him, did you notice that my belly is heavier?

He answered. No, not at all.

She took off her bathrobe and looked at her legs and asked him, did you notice that my legs are not as hard and smooth as they used to be?

He answered. Not yet.

Then she came to him with tears in her eyes asked him, so what do you do by my side if you don’t see me anymore, if you don’t know how much my body has changed, don’t you know I’m not the same?

He laughed and said: Look how you are. When I touch your body, I felt your way of loving, I see a heart full of kindness, I see your sensual figure, I know that you have the perfect shape for me, you gave me the best.

He continued. Woman don’t be sad about how you look at yourself, be glad what I feel. I fell in love with the sensuality and kindness of your soul, not the vanity of your body, and through the tears he drew a smile that made her face shine again.

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