A History of Edinburgh

by Edinboruopug

author unknown


Edinburgh Also Got Its Name From ”Kear Eden, Civitate Antiquissima” and That of Dynguayth ”Dun Gad”. The Jewish Area of ”Judea” would Get The Roman Name of ”Ejudensca” Then Latter On The Final Name of ”Edinburgh”. Dynguayth ”Dun Gad” as ”Giudi-Ail-Guarth” Translated To ”Place of The Jews of The Gad” IN ANCIENT SCOTLAND. The ARK of THE COVENANT Belongs in (Edinburgh, Scotland) The Real Biblical City of Jerusalem This Is The True and Real Biblical Holy and Sacred Divine City of Jerusalem The REAL HOLY and SACRED CITY of the DIVINE CITY of the MOST HIGH GOD / HIGH HOLY ONE (ETERNAL SOVEREIGN) ONE of HEAVEN.

((((“Julius Severus served as Governor of Moesia; he was appointed Governor of Britain around 131.In 133 he was transferred to Judea, to help suppress the Bar Kochba rebellion there. Because of his military reputation, historians have seen him as a troubleshooter, sent to troublesome provinces to bring peace through war and his presence has been taken as indication of unrest in Britain at the time. There is no archaeological evidence to suggest fighting in Britain under his governorship although a reference by the orator Fronto to many soldiers dying in Britain under Hadrian’s reign may refer to trouble at this time.”Soon [AD 132], however, all Judaea had been stirred up, and the Jews everywhere were showing signs of disturbance … Hadrian sent against them his best generals. The first of these was Julius Severus, who was dispatched from Britain, where he was governor, against the Jews.” – Cassius Dio, History of Rome LXIX.xiii.1-2 – Epitome of Xiphilinus “.

Jerusalem is actually Edinburgh- Old Comyns didn’t just stop at suggesting that Atlantis equalled Scotland, but by extension also went on to prove that Jerusalem was Edinburgh. How did he do this? Well he started off by taking as a given that Atlantis was Scotland, and for his supporting evidence claimed that the Palestinian Jerusalem simply did not conform to how the Bible describes it. Unlike Edinburgh, with its Mount of Olives (Arthur’s Seat), City of Zion (Edinburgh Castle) and port at Joppa.Furthermore, he looked at a number of Roman texts written at the time of the Jewish revolt against the Romans that show commanders from York being dispatched to quell the Jews. Surely, asks Comyns, this is simply untenable if Jerusalem really were in Palestine? It makes sense, however, if Jerusalem was only up the road in Edinburgh.He supports his theory by proposing that the Catrail Wall was not built by the Picts, but by the Romans to keep the Jews in Edinburgh. He further maintains that when the Jews revolted again, Hadrian gave orders to destroy them and their city completely, leaving no trace. Later, when Constantine needed to resurrect a “new Jerusalem” for his own political reasons, he chose to locate it in Palestine.))))

The Jews Scots / The Scots Jews & i.e. The Scythian’s CELTS / GAELS / Vesigoths “GADITES” of The TRIBE of GAD Connection To The Jewish / Scottish Wars Against The Romans and the Entire Roman Empire. The Jewish / Scottish Wars Against ROME and The Jewish / Scottish Wars Against The Roman Empire itself was and is the Connection to the Vesigoths Destruction of the City of Rome. The JEWS and The SCOTS Are ONE and The SAME PEOPLE Cut From The SAME CLOTH Its Time For Both of My Kindred Brothers TO WAKE UP!! Both of My Kindred Brothers (MY UNITED TRIBE OF PEOPLE) the JEWS and the SCOTS Need To Realize THEY ARE ONE and THE SAME PEOPLE Period!!!!!!! From The SAME TRIBES!!! I Fully Recognize That Both The Jewish and Scottish People Descend From The EXACT SAME TRIBES of PEOPLE through a “Shared Lineage In Their Ancestries”. So I Do Not Look At The Jewish and The Scottish People As Separate INDIVIDUAL Peoples and or Groups THAT WOULD BE A TOTAL LIE They Are My ENTIRE PEOPLE!!!! So In All Reality Both The Jewish and The Scottish People MAKE UP The ENTIRETY Of “MY PEOPLE” Who Would Be A Complete WHOLE Group. 

I Am going AGAINST THIS ”DIVISION of This FALSE IDEOLOGICAL DIVIDE” that has been Created to DIVIDE My People both the JEWS and the SCOTS as well and try to Separate Them both as. ”FALSE INDIVIDUAL PEOPLES and or CULTURES” when in fact they BOTH STEM from that is the SAME EXACT ANCESTRAL and CULTURAL ”ORIGIN” in Ancestry Stemming from the Same TRIBES of People Going back to ANCIENT TIMES. The Jews and the Scots would in fact be of the SAME LINEAGE to that of the ANCIENT TRIBES themselves the Main Ancestral Tribes being the Forefathers and the Progenitors of both the JEWS and the SCOTS themselves.

The Druids where the Levites (High Priests) the Real Historical Jews (Judeans) That Existed they were the Levite Priest Class of The ”Ancient Hebrew Israelite Nation and Kingdom of Ancient Israel”. The Druids where Targeted By ROME / EDOM because of their Lineage and Ancestry going all the way back to the Hebrew ISRAELITE Tribe of Levi the True and Biblical Jews of Ancient Times. They also went by another Name and that was the YEWS are the JEWS and the JEWS are the YEWS they are both the HIGH PRIESTS and the DRUIDS of OLD they were known in Ancient Israel as the High Priests and Later in on History towards the Celts as the Druids……………………!!!!!!!!!!!

Melchizedek ”The PRIEST KING OF SALEM / JERUSALEM” Was Actually An Antediluvian Who Was Known as The Son of Noah and His Name Was (Shem) one of the three son’s of Noah himself He Would Anoint (Ab’Ram) Abraham With Oil. So Yes again Most People Don’t Even Know That Melchizedek ”The PRIEST KING OF SALEM / JERUSALEM” The Antediluvian Was (Shem) in the First place in the very Beginning The Actual Son of Noah Who would Meet With and Anointed (Ab’Ram) Abraham. So In All Reality The City of Jerusalem (Edinburgh, Scotland) Was Founded By Melchizedek The Antediluvian (Shem) Son of Noah Who Built it and Founded it. So Edinburgh, Scotland being the Real Holy and Sacred City itself i.e. The Real Biblical City of Jerusalem Was Built By Melchizedek The Antediluvian (Shem) The Son of Noah.

The Term and the Word ”ISLES” Is Mentioned All Over The Book of ISAIAH of the Bible / Hebrew Scriptures in Which Proves That It is The BRITISH ”ISLES” of That Its About ((GREAT BRITAIN / THE UNITED KINGDOM)). All of The ”ISLES” that are Mentioned BY NAME of The Book of Isaiah is Really Talking About The ”British Isles” The Entire Book of Isaiah Is talking about BRITAIN the ISLES THEREOF. The HOLY MOUNTAINS OF ISRAEL i.e. The ”Holy and Sacred Mountains of The Most High God of Heaven” is in the ”ISLES” of The Book and are of The Prophets of EZEKIEL, JEREMIAH, and ISAIAH is ”GREAT BRITAIN”. The Holy and SACRED City of Jerusalem and MOUNT ZION is in the ”ISLES” of The Book of EZEKIEL, JEREMIAH, and ISAIAH is ”GREAT BRITAIN” where MOUNT ZION is LOCATED within the ”ISLES” the HOLY MOUNTAIN OF THE MOST HIGH GOD (HIGH HOLY ONE OF HEAVEN). So this ALL PROVES that Great Britain is Indeed ”The United Kingdom of Israel” of ANCIENT and BIBLICAL TIMES it Is The ISLES of the ”ISLES” of The Book and are of the PROPHETS of EZEKIEL, JEREMIAH, and ISAIAH.

The Entire History of the Ancient Kingdom of Ancient Israel was were the Real Land of Israel was Located at the History of Ancient Israel was Stolen from Scotland and Given to a. Group of People Far away on the Other Side of the Empire and Transplanted in the Middle East when in fact True Biblical History Originated from ”Ancient Prehistoric Scotland”. The whole Reason for the Roman Invasion of Scotland was to Export and Steal True Hebrew Israelite History from the Land of Scotland where the True Hebrew Israelite People Lives ”The Scottish People” and would give that Heritage away to a Distant Land not Belonging to Scotland at all. Everything that is in the Hebrew Scriptures are to be found in the Land of Scotland from the Mountains the Hills and the Streams and the Flowing Rivers that are Mention by Name in the Hebrew Scriptures are to be Located and Found within the Land of Scotland. The City that is in the Middle East is not the Real City of Jerusalem that is Described in the Hebrew Scriptures TANAKH it is a Satanic Counterfeit and is so likewise created by ROME and the. Roman Empire the Real Historical City of Jerusalem is none other then ”Edinburgh, Scotland” the Real Biblical City of the Ancient Hebrew Israelites People ”THE SCOTTISH PEOPLE”. Rome stole the Identity of the Real Hebrew Israelite City and Exported its True Identity and Transplanted it in the Middle East.ß


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