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I was just trying to go to the store apparently these guys had a huge rally at Dundas Square then proceeded their way up young street with huge speakers signs the whole thing well the whole thing except masks… maybe 2000 people…. sounds like they are coming back this way now !!!

Dave Falco
Arn’t they breaking the law by number of people and proximity etc ?
Carrie Chesnutt
Dave Falco lol yep. There were police around but they are letting them be
Curtis Gushulak
Jeezus H Christopher

I’m all for freedom of speech and peaceful protest, but the current laws are in place. How is this even allowed?!
Heather Benway
Selfish selfish people
Katherine Elizabeth Stewart
We’re screwed. Lockdown in a month.
Susan Gapka
I saw the police notice on twitter and avoided the intersection.

Susan Gapka
Saw a truck with crossbones across skull, chains hanging and driver accompanied by two dolls in the passenger seat. Some people should get our more often. Oh yes, the drivers presented as a white man and the dolls….children’s dolls….
Pawley D James
Load up several buses and aim them for the USA border
Kim Doolittle

Oh my nerves
Jane Madigan
Dumbasses every one of them. 
Guess they’d be ok then, with having to have an operation, and the surgeon not bothering to wearing a mask or gloves. Or a dentist not wearing a mask, and coughing right in their face. No mask, no problem, right?
Steve Sainas

Darwin Award Nominees!
Micki Seven

Worly Verde

Idiots! Just stupid idiots!
Joan Marshall

They probably ALSO think stopping at a red light or wearing a bike helmet for their own safety is taking away their rights and freedoms! Grow up conspiracists !!!!! I guess they enjoy being in lockdown.,,,,,, There !! Said it !!!!!
Francisca Zentilli
That’s the second wave.
Monica Bynoe
Stay away from them
Sam Strates
they were loud. My window is open and they keep playing that reel over and over again. Who are they trying to convince? Can’t they be cited for noise complaint?
Jamie Gerow

That should make their health care null and void.
Jean-Gabriel Lambert

there is idiots everywhere !!!

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