Safe Phoning: A Guide to Starting a New Phone Account

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SAFE PHONING: A concise guide.


DO (with each new phone)

1. Switch to an analog connection.

2. Factory reset all data and settings, then toggle all your secure settings while in safe-mode & airplane-mode… before ever logging in.

3. Put a piece of tape over the cameras.

4. Disable background data & process use for EACH app.

5. Force Stop & Disable EACH noncritical app or process.

6. Disable your constellation scanning and emergency services.

7. Disable automatic updates.

8. Disable biometrics.

9. Disable voice input.

10. Use Brave browser.

11. Disable sync/backups.

12. Install a ‘walking’ GPS emulator. Set it for the same ZIP code code but not near where you frequent.

1. Do not install themes or free apps.
2. Do not take online/fb surveys.
3. Do not upload pics of you or your peers, family, pets, vehicles, tats, places.
4. Do not use Wi-Fi.
5. Do not use Hotspot, Bluetooth, NFC, Quickshare, etc.

– VPN’s & Proxies are useless.
– Toggle Developer Mode (if available)
– ROOT your phone.
– If at all possible, use a prepaid phone.
– Pay CASH for a Visa gift card, then buy a new phone each month with new numbers and new accounts each time.


• I can track you if you visit my tweets. I run a trace. I get your connection history down to the exact ROOM/FLOOR of your home.

• I send a script to your phone that says I’m your service
…your phone then automatically gives me your number, location history, browser history, social media backdoors, SSN, biometrics, fingerprints, billing info, and even some other *classified AF* secret info t’s collected on you.

• THEN it does the same with your top 5 contacts.

So now that I have an entire profile on you that’s even more concise than the background checks than the FBI uses for hiring…

• I turn your cameras and microphones on.

• If I don’t get what I want, I bounce thru all the OTHER devices around… coffee makers, TVs, Routers, Alexa…

• Oh… and everyone else’s phones and tablets and even their headphones/speakers.

• BTW I can turn ANY speaker connected to something w internet/signal, into a microphone too.

• Even if I can’t *HEAR* anything… don’t worry, I can run the video through an alg that can translate the SLIGHTEST changes in pixelation on something like a chip bag or a window, into usable audio.

Seriously… there’s an app for that.

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