Flex Your Rights

author unkown

Here are five tips to keep cops from breaking into the “window to your soul.”

1) Never consent to a search. Cops don’t need a warrant or fancy technology to crack your phone if you hand it over at their request. So don’t let them trick or threaten you into giving verbal or written consent to search it.

2) If you can shell out the extra bucks, buy an iPhone. They’re more challenging to crack than Android devices.

3) Whether you’ve got an iPhone or Android, encrypt the contents of your device.

4) Ditch Face ID or Touch ID and go with a passcode entry. More digits = more security. For example, a six-digit iPhone passcode takes on average about 11 hours to guess. A 10-digit code takes 12.5 years to crack.

5) Make them work for it. If you encrypt your device with a strong passcode and refuse to consent to a search, cops might threaten to get a warrant to crack it. Again, never agree to a search. I’m repeating this because your security will fail you 100% of the time if you consent.